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Creaitor AI review | Best Jasper AI Alternative

Are you struggling with creating content, or does it take too long to write original and creative content? There are several AI tools already invented to solve your problems. Some of the tools are Creaitor Ai, WordHero Ai, Jasper AI, Copy.Ai, Wordplay.Ai & many more.

These Ai tools have been introduced in the market to help humans in this world of technology development. These tools are as useful as search engines for writers. To remove at least this burden from the head, step into the world of technology and give these tools a try.

Among them, we are here to introduce you to Creaitor Ai in detail. In this Creaitor Ai review, we tried to cover every feature, pros, cons, specializations, and other minor and major details of the tool.

What is Creaitor AI? is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed to generate original and creative content in a variety of formats. Creaitor ai uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze large datasets and generate new ideas, concepts, and works of art that are unique and innovative.

Why it is used?

The potential applications for Creaitor are vast, ranging from music and art production to advertising and content creation. Creaitor can be used to generate new melodies, generate artwork, or even create entire marketing campaigns. The platform is also highly flexible, allowing users to customize the input data and parameters to suit their specific needs and goals.

Creaitor AI Dashboard Review

Why it is useful?

One of the key benefits of Creaitor is that it can operate at a much faster pace than human artists and writers, enabling users to quickly and easily generate a large volume of unique content. This can be particularly useful for businesses that need to produce a high volume of marketing materials or for individuals who want to quickly generate ideas for new projects.

Who should use this?

Any person who works with content frequently can use this AI tool. Creaitor AI is mostly used by Content Writers, Copywriters, SEO Writers, Businesses, Ad Agencies, Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Social Media Marketers, and Ad Agencies. They found it very helpful and efficient for them.

Is it Back on appsumo?

In the beginning is available on AppSumo. After some time appsumo deal ended for a month or two but now it’s back.

Look at this tool before getting into full Creaitor AI review. It’s a pretty promising tool. There are a lot of really useful templates or modules and you’re able to generate a lot of high-quality content. You can use this system without having to worry about running out of credits, they will not nickel and dim you.

So let’s go ahead and do a deep dive into Creaitor.Ai and see how it works, multiple features, pricing and how we compare to some of the other top AI copywriters in the market.

What are the features of Creaitor ai & how does it work?

Let’s see what are the features of Creaitor AI and they work. There are several outstanding features that will make you happy so let’s find out what they are and how they work.

features of Ceaitor AI & How does it Works

Dashboard view of Creaitor Ai

The dashboard is identifying or addressing what you are looking for. You’ll see all the modules or templates and they are disturbed according to your need. You don’t have to scroll down then find a template.

Instead, you can directly choose from the given heads like the blog, digital ad, e-commerce, social media, video, and writer. And you can select your modules from the dashboard to create your content.

Dashboard view of creaitor ai
Creaitor AI review | Best Jasper AI Alternative 21

SERP Beater feature in

It is a premium feature that is used by professional plan subscribers. Here you can search for your keywords and you can find the list of your analyses.

Premium  SERP beater in

Document you create

In this section, you can find all the documents you have created. It shows the document in detail like it shows the list of documents with name, date of creation, and the last update of file with time, and also gives you the option to edit or delete these documents.

Documents of the content

AI Assistant Section in

This section gives you the option to choose your AI assistant. Here it gives you a search bar and right after that, you have to select the category. It is just that you have to select your module from here, So, basically, it is the same thing as the Dashboard, it is no different from Dashboard.

You can also add to favorites and put the star on your favorite module. Now you can choose the content from here. You can copy that content and then paste it into the editor section and make your content.

AI Assistant selection for your content

You can change your creativity level and the length of the output. If you increase the number the output will be longer. You can change the language depending on which country you are from. Once you’re happy with your input and your settings. Then just go ahead and click create.

Then you’ll see the content and it is a really good output. A lot of content will come up on your screen. Having more content is always better than less but you have to work with that information. So, you can delete any content that is repetitive or irrelevant and keep the content that makes sense.

features of ai assistant

The quality and quantity of the content are very impressive. Usually, if an AI copywriter is good, you don’t get that much quantity in terms of text. So go through it and pick whichever is more convenient for you.

AI Assistant Favourites in Creaitor ai

In the section, you will see the modules and open form you gave a star. All your favorite modules and open form will pop up here.

AI Assistant in

Open AI form

Here you can tell or ask what you want or need. It shows a description column where you can write about what you want. Then just below that, you’ll see the setting option where you can set up things for your content. In settings you’ll see the Creativity option where you can select it as per your need it shows low, medium, high, max, or optimal, after that you have to select the range of outputs which ranges from 1-6. 

Open Ai form of Creaitor AI

Now you can set the tone of voice of the content, then you can choose the targeted audience. A new feature that is introduced is now you can put emojis in the content. And the last one is you can select the language for your contact which is pretty cool that you can get content in any language you want. Then click on create, now you will see the results in the right hand.

Multiple editor features

Here you will write your final content. You do research on AI assistant or open form and then you can paste it here and write actual content. You can add headings, make paragraphs, highlight them, bold them, and many other things you can do here.

Editor feature of creaitor ai

You can see the SEO/NPL on the top of the right side. And below that you can see the column ‘’focus keywords’’ then press enter. The title is all done.

You can select the text then you’ll see the option like Paragraph, improve and rewrite. You can rewrite the content you get from the AI assistant. You can convert it into a paragraph, or can improve it to satisfy all needs mentioned right below the focus keywords column.

SEO ranking

This SEO/NPL feature is what every content or copywriter needs. This feature is super cool. Now you can optimize your content for ranking.

This SEO feature shows that you have to fulfill all the requirements mentioned there when these Red Cross errors will convert into a green tick with all done. Then it’s the signal that your content is ready and it will fulfill all your requirements.

NPL score details

It makes some paragraphs if we generate content a little bit in the down. You’ll have three options: small, normal, and A lot. After choosing this you can generate more content by clicking on it. It would be better if the AI assistant or generator were on the same page but you have to click on it to go to the next page and generate content.


If you want to translate the text, they got a translator for that. Here you can translate your text, in the bottom you can select the language from which language to what language you want to translate. Then click on create you’ll get the results.

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The pricing plans of the Creaitor.Ai is starting from $9/ month. Monthly plans are divided into three parts that are the Basic plan, Standard Plan, and Professional Plan. These plans are affordable and come up with very good pricing. The price of all these plans will be worth your money.

Monthly plans price

The basic plan costs you $9/ month, Standard Plan is $29/ month and the Professional plan will cost you $59/ month. You can also buy them on an annual basis so the price for annual plans is comparatively better than monthly plans. The prices of annual plans are $99 for the Basic plan, $299 for the Standard plan and the Professional plan is for $599.

Annual price of plans

Now we will discuss the features these plans are providing us.

You will get all of these amazing features with your plan. You’ll probably get other deals as well. Now it is up to you which plan is suitable for you. Pick up the plan wisely as per your requirements and needs

Choose a plan

Creaitor AI lifetime deal Discount Promo Code

Introduced with Creaitor AI lifetime offer that gives you a lifetime subscription in one purchase only. The offer includes a One-time purchase of $89 and you’ll get: Unlimited characters per month, up to 5 active users, 50+ Ai assistants, Unlimited projects, Unlimited output storage, Unlimited translation, Open AI form, Translation form, and Multilingual.

Fairly new Ai copywriter tool you can grab a lifetime deal for just $89 one-time payment. But now this offer is not applicable anymore. I hope Creaitor AI come up with more lifetime deals.

Payment method

Creaitor Ai accepts payments made through both debit cards and credit cards. They don’t accept payments from other payment options, hopefully, they may introduce options for other payment methods as well.

Free plan

Yes, they provide free plans as well. On a monthly basis, they provide you with all the features of the basic plan with limit of 20,000 word from which you can take the content, copy it and also add it manually to make social media posts, articles and blogs etc. The limit of 20,000 word is enough for the content of a week or two, so go and enjoy the opportunity.

Tv3NEF4nkUpr9zgYcfeyDmgRpkhcvA dripBOqR9holnv70xPGyJFf6vgobGva3g7s

Free trial

You can sign up for a free trial of Creator. They provide you with a free trial of three days with all the features of all the plans. And after the trial ends, you can purchase a plan for further use. You can go ahead and get a free trial from their website.

Pros and Cons

Everything which is created in this universe has pros and cons both. Having pros is impressive but having cons doesn’t make it bad. We can not ignore the pros just because of a few cons in something. Creaitor AI has pros that are super amazing but also have few cons, so let’s see what are those:

are there any Alternatives of creaitor ai?

As per my research, there are few AI tools in the market that are quite similar to Creator AI. And I personally used all of them but till now Creaitor AI is best in all terms. You can see a few alternatives of Creaitor AI that are mentioned below.

Jasper AI (Jarvis Previously)

Jasper AI Review

JasperAI is an AI copywriting software, it is quite similar to Creaitor Ai. Some features like quick long-form content creation, plagiarism checker, and so on. You can try the free trial of Jasper AI to compare it with Creaitor AI

WordHero AI

Word Hero AI tool

WordHero AI is an AI copywriting assistant that helps you with high-quality content creation. They provide you with many features but they still need to work on a few more features to make it better. It is another alternative of Creaitor AI that you might tried earlier. If it’s creatitor ai vs wordhero what should you choose?


Over 50000+ users are using this AI copywriting assistant. Overall, this is a really good AI copywriter. The templates and other features are really great. It will not only provide you good quality but you’re also able to get a lot of quantity in terms of content.

I highly recommend that you go out and give Creaitor AI a try for yourself. If you pick this tool you are going to spend most of your time inside this editor because the content and the quality seem really good and you’re getting this at a very reasonable price. This could be your new favorite AI writing tool in the future.

If you want to know about any specific feature or any other information regarding Creaitor AI feel free to ask. You can ask your queries in the comment section.

What is used for? is an ai copywriting assistant that is used by businesses for quick and original content creation.

Is back on appSumo?

Yes, is back on AppSumo.

Is a lifetime deal applicable to every plan?

No, no more lifetime deal is available for now, I hope it will come again in the future.

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