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In 2022, we have witnessed a growing number of AI (artificial intelligence) based apps with Dalle, chatGPT, and lensa AI to name a few that grabs the spotlight. In this review, I’m sharing with you a all new AI assist presentation app called This can be the best alternative of Adobe Spark Post , Pitch and Canva.

The content of today’s presentation in the world of the fourth industrial revolution, it’s all about multimedia and how they will help you tell your story. So in this article we will review about one of the top class AI Writing tool for Storytelling.

what is AI storytelling tool

What is tome. app?

Tome app is one of the AI content writing tools. We’ve mentioned List of top 30+ AI content writing tools, This tool helps you in AI powered storytelling.

Let’s find out the answers to the question that arises in your mind.

Now the question arises can it replace the ever-popular Adobe Spark Post? Let’s take a look and find it out. You can see that the text photo and layout is already done by two and you can also add in videos, audio, websites, and so on.

How to use Tome?

To start creating in tome just go to the tome. For free, click on get tome for free and it will open up in a new tab.

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Now you can see the templates. They have seven different types of templates on which you can create your presentation. You can use the templates straight away if you want to but I’m using the create tool here.

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Now go to the search bar and write about the topic on which you want to create a presentation. For example, I wrote about how to increase reach on social media platforms. It is a theoretical presentation that I would like to create at the tome. So now enter it.

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Now you can see tome is generating the outlines, joining the texts, and the content and later it will start adding photos or visuals in it.

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Now let’s have a quick look at the presentation


The title slide is kind of interesting and the best part is it will create the title from your search and make it more creative and catchier.

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The outer line is impressive. It shows your main topic, then your overview, and then your conclusion. Here is the content that you are going to cover in your presentation.


Now let’s overview the AI-generated photos or visuals that are quite interesting.


Add on features:

The “+” icon

Now click on the “+” sign on the right-hand side. Here you can see other tools/ options available for you, this includes text, images, Dall-e, video, griphy, table, Figma, airtable, web, Twitter, framer, miro, and look. These are the features you can use to create or edit your presentation.

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Just right below the plus icon, you will see a recording icon, and by clicking on it you’ll see the option of recording. Here you can record yourself presenting the presentation. This feature is pretty cool as it allows face cam recording. You can record it and select on what camera you want to record it.

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A theme icon is placed right below the recording, here you can set the theme according to you. You can change the color of the background of your presentation, you can also change the heading and paragraph’s color here. After selecting your themes click on save the theme, then it will apply to your presentation.

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So if you want to edit the content, you can go straight away and click on the slide where you want to edit and then you can edit it.

Photo editor

You can also edit the photos or replace them. All you have to do is just click on the photo and Dall-e setting icons will appear on your screen just above the plus icon. Now by clicking on Dall-e settings, you can see the dialogue box, here you can write whatever you want in your photo.

If you like to change the photo or visual you can just click on generate. You can describe a prompt that you like Dall-e to generate a photo from. So replace it and edit the image and so on in your presentation.

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Does it use Dall-e and chatGPT?

It uses Dall-e  and the chatGPT. So the Dall-e and the chatGPT are well integrated into tome and they combine to do a great job.

Any Customizations ? 

Now when it comes to customizing your content on your presentation you can then click on the plus icons and you can do the appropriate customizing with text images.

You can use Dall-e and also add web in it. For example, you can go to google and take the link of the site from there and paste it and after clicking on enter it will appear in your presentation.


To apply this, click on the photo, remove it, and add web in here. And the amazing part is you can scroll the web page that you added here. You can scroll it and show what you want. Some of the customisation options I’ve already mentioned above are recording narration and changing themes.

When you want to customize your presentation that is created in tome, if you want to add a new slide you can expand it. Of course, you can use templates here but by using this star icon that is appearing on the right edge of your screen, here you can write about what you want and press enter.

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It will start generating a new page or slide, you can add on a few more as per your need.

Once you are happy and satisfied with this slide deck is generated in the tome. You can go to share and click on it; you can see the sharing options. You can share the QR code or the link with someone.

You can also see the three dots on the corner, here you can duplicate it, rename it, add logos, and delete it.

So, you get the presentation created in tome. I would say it is quite neat.

How much does it cost?

Till now it’s free. But it may change in the future. When I created an account on Tome 500 points were credited to my account. But I can’t see any further purchase options here. Till now this app is totally free you can earn credits in the app. It takes 20-25 credits to make a presentation. For me, it’s pretty cool that with no money I will get my work done. Early users may get more advantages from Tome. If you want to save plenty of time and instead of wasting countless hours on making presentations do it with Tome for free.

How to gain your points?

Once you create an account 500 points will be directly credited to your account. And these points are used for making presentations. To get more points you share your referral code with the friend and if they create an account 50 points will be credited to your account. This is the only way of getting points to create the presentation.

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Are there any Shortcomings of Tome?

Creating a presentation quicker than cooking instant noodles, but what are the shortcomings of the tome?

In this instance, you can’t yet download your presentation created in tome as a pdf or PowerPoint.

In my experience, there are so many things that can go wrong before a big presentation. So always keep a backup of your presentation as a pdf whether on the computer or on your google drive or anywhere else where you can actually retrieve it quickly.

So converting an outline presentation to pdf and PowerPoint is something that converter and PowerPoint can do nowadays. So, I really hope they will actually include this download feature in the future version of the tome.

How would tome influence your workflow as an educator and academic?

So how would tome influence your workflow as an educator and academic in generating content generating key points for your topics and in generating the basic framework of the topic that you want to present? Tome solves the problem for you but doesn’t take content produced by AI at face value and leaves all the thinking so the machine as academics we still need to put on our thinking cap to determine the relevance suitability and also quality of the content.

Is it Similar to CANVA?

It is quite similar to canva as well. A few features are similar in both apps. Doc-to-deck conversion is now possible in canva. Just add a text and the text will be converted to slides.

Pros and cons

Tome has the potential to bring many benefits and improvements. There are a few pros and cons of the Tome which we are going to tell you. 

tome ai review by saasreviewsorg Review - AI Assist tool for Making Presentations | Adobe Spark Post Alternative 20

Is it worth buying Tome AI – Adobe Spark Post Alternative

  • Powerpoint is OG of the industry & have basic features.
  • This helps you make better presentations with help of it’s amazing AI tech.
  • My takeaway is you should only buy this if you want to make out of the box presentations & pitch decks.
  • AI assist
  • Wide Range of modern templates
  • Easy to share & edit files without downloading.

Can it replace the ever-popular PowerPoint? 

So, will tome replace PowerPoint? At this point unlikely however like all machine learning applications Tome, I think we’ll get better with more user input. It has many features that PowerPoint doesn’t have, but still many changes and improvements should be done to make it more efficient.


If you think about it, for me the good thing about Tome is that it takes the hard work out of creating a presentation. This is fairly a new AI tool, so far as it works. I think it’s excellent and they may introduce more features in future. I will recommend you this to make your future presentation in minutes. Tome will help you to create a quick presentation without taking money from your pocket. As this is a newly introduced AI tool, they are providing you with a few features for free and giving you the opportunity to get your work done within minutes. 

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