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Keyword Review | Best Google Keywordplanner Alternative

As SEO or content writers, we all use keyword research tools. Some use ahrefs keyword explorer, and some use SEMrush but this article is not about how good is SEMrush or ahrefs, this article is about one of the best keyword research tools that give you exact data from google & that too with volume.

This extension is ultimate for keyword research, let’s explore the possibilities & deep dive into the review of the keywordplanner chrome extension which is an alternative to google keyword planner. is a google chrome extension that you can install from the chrome web store & this is one of the top keyword planning tool that can help you make an amazing SEO strategy.

Some of the best use cases of this chrome extension are that you can easily research keywords for your PPC campaigns & SEO campaigns. As a digital marketer, you have a lot of choices to choose between multiple keyword tools but I would say you should read this till the end & figure out the best one that works for you.

Here are the steps to install Keyword :

4-step guide to install the chrome extension

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Total Time Needed :



Total Cost:


Step 1: Open this link for the chrome web store.

Step 2: Click on Install Extension

Simply click on install extension & it will download & install it.

Step 3: Activate the extension in Your Browser

Go to chrome extension & activate the keyword planner extension.

Step 4: Use it directly on the google search page

how to use keyword planner

You will find it in the search bar when you do your search. (Check the image for reference)

You will Read about these topics in this blog :

  • Who can use this extension?
  • Is an alternative to Google Keyword Planner?
  • What websites does the KeywordPlanner chrome extension support?
  • How to activate API in the extension.
  • What’s my review of the data it provides?
  • Is worth buying at this price?
  • Pros & Cons of Keyword
  • How it is different from other keyword tools.
  • Keyword Alternatives

Who can use this Chrome extension for KW research?

If you are an SEO Specialist, Content Writer, PPC Experts, Content Creator, or a business owner who does keyword research regularly, then this tool is for you.

Is Keyword Planner an alternative to Google Keyword Planner?

yes, It is the best alternative to google keyword planner because of these 2 reasons.

  1. Easily See Hidden Keywords
  2. No need to signup & create a campaign, thus it saves a lot of time.

What websites does the KeywordPlanner chrome extension support?

This extension supports these 3 websites: Google, Amazon & Youtube.

How to activate KeywordEverywhere API in Keywordplanner extension.

A step-by-step guide to activate Keywordplanner API

Step 1: Install the Chrome Extension & Click on it

Keyword Review in detail

This one is the easiest step to do, all you need is to install the extension & just activate it. Once you activate the extension, just click on it as shown in the image. And follow step 2.

Step 2: Insert API from KeywordEverywhere.

keyword planner setting for api settings

You will get a screen like the above where you need to signup for keywordeverywhere API or purchase credits to get keywords volume.

Step 3: Get the API for Keywordseverywhere(Important step):

keywordeverywhere api setup

Just fill in your email & get your API key directly in your inbox. Once you receive the API key, you can simply use that on both the tools, Keywordseverywhere &

Proceed to step no. 4

Step 4: Find your API & Copy it

api key email subject image

This is how your API key will look like, Just copy it & proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Just put the API & click submit

This is the final step, just close the tab & just continue with your search, it will appear on the google search bar. Please keep in mind that Don’t forget to claim credits to see the keyword volume.

Pros & Cons of Keyword

Pros & Cons

  • Data provided is directly fetched from google APIs
  • Easy to Discover Keywords with Search Volume
  • Can be used for keyword research on Youtube.
  • Easy to find keyword on Amazon.
  • Helps in finding Hidden Keywords
  • Unable to research for Keywords in French, German, Italian language.

What’s my review of the data it provides?

This is my honest review after using it for some time:

  • This is an incredible tool, that gives you data at a single click directly from google search. You
  • You don’t need to log in to multiple platforms & research it.
  • Easy to get multiple variations of the keywords in a single click
  • Easy to export the data(Really, My favorite feature)
  • Option to choose between countries but only limited counties are provided.
  • Provides 2 levels of data but I think they should provide it to a deeper level.

What’s my review of the data it provides?

The data it provides is mainly fetched from open data from google autocomplete API & Search volume data by keywordeverywhere API. So data is mostly correct but volume data can’t be verified exactly, but in my opinion, it’s good enough to make a great SEO strategy. Pricing Plans?

keywordplanner is free to use but has some limitations, it doesn’t show search volume. So to enable that you need to buy keywordeverywhere API

Here’s the pricing for keywordeverywhere:

How it is different from other keyword tools?

This is a simple tool that focuses on helping with keyword research with volumes. You can find unexplored keywords easily without investing too much amount in them. The best part is this is the cheapest ever keyword research tool that gives you keywords in a single click.

This saves a lot of time as we don’t have to log in to different dashboards & can use this while searching on google.

Keyword Alternatives

  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Keywords Everywhere – Keyword Tool
  3. Keyword Surfer

Final Rating & Conclusion review
Keywordplannernet review google keywordplanner alternative

This is the detailed how to guide about, The best alternative of google keywordplanner.

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