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Do you do your keyword research properly? Do you also think that answer the public should have some more searches & it exhausts too quickly in the free plan.

So this post has a solution to all your keyword research issues. Today I am going to review a tool called It’s the best alternative for

This is a simple tool with a simple UI, no person is stalking you while writing. Just kidding.

Read till the end to get my genuine feedback & review for

Here is a quick overview of what exactly I will talk about keywordspeopleuse review:

  • Does Keywordsepeopleuse right fit for you?
  •  Is the direct alternative to
  •  What are the features of this tool?
  •  How is keywordsepeopleuse different from answerthepublic & other related tools?
  •  Does this tool provide the right data? How correct is the data?
  •  What are the supported languages & regions?
  •  Pros & Cons (In detail)
  •  Is the Keywordspeopleuse tool really worth buying?

Who can use KeywordsPeopleUse?

If you are new to SEO & marketing or you are a content writer or copywriter, this tool is definitely made for you.

What Makes This Different from Other Tools Like Answerthepublic

Keywordspeopleuse is an alternative to and showcases data in a similar way to answerthepublic, the uniqueness here is you get multiple features like a content explorer and data from forums like Reddit, Quora and this makes it unique from other tools.

What are the features of

Keywordspeopleuse is a tool used for keyword research. This tool helps you get better insights into what people are searching for. It also helps in finding the right questions from the people also asked section.

Whereas other tools just use google autocomplete, and people also asked.

Some of the Top Features of KeywordsPeopleUse:

  • Keyword Discovery Feature
  • Content Explorer
  •  Reddit and Quora
  •  People Also Ask
  •  Google Autocomplete

Keyword Discovery Feature

How does the keyword discovery feature work?

I tried searching for a random keyword like “best running shoes” now. This is the keyword used for affiliate sites. So it’s a high buyer intent keyword.

I was just amazed by the results, It showed the pain points of users & actually shared the keywords that were getting searched by the users. And under that, I got all the data in the sorted list.

Pro Tip: With just 1-2 searches you can make an amazon affiliate website easily. As you get all the related queries that people are actually searching for. The questions are primarily used in forums websites like Quora & retting. So these are super relevant & you can check the details below for a glimpse of what it looks like.

keywordspeopleuse review & usage by Detailed Review | AnswerThePublic Alternative 4

Content Explorer

If you are stuck with content ideas & unable to figure out which keyword to choose or what product to list in your affiliate article then content explorer with help you get multiple ideas from top website ranking on a particular keyword.

You can easily figure out from best websites ranking on SERP & steal their strategy in a matter of clicks, how cool is that?

en us content 2023 01 23 1 Detailed Review | AnswerThePublic Alternative 5

This is quite interesting & I already discussed a little bit of this above, with help of reddit & quora search one can actually find questions & searches people are looking for. Only 4-5 searches are enough to make a complete content strategy.


  • Google Search Auto Complete with a single click
  • Search list option to get instant alerts on new keywords.
  • The data provided is the latest & in real-time.
  • 100s of countries & over 7 languages support
  • Data shown in graphical form looks easy to understand.
  • Downloadable all the results in PNG & CSV 


  • UI can be better & more detailed.

My Experience after using for 4 Weeks

So I tried this tool for 4 weeks & here’s what I figured out. Keywordspeopleuse is a reliable tool & most keyword tools don’t provide correct data but with the help of a real-time data system, this tool keeps giving you the latest queries that are generated on google. You need to add things to the list first.

Another amazing feature I personally loved is that you get questions & queries from quora & Reddit directly. This means whatever people are searching in the generic language you will see that query listed in the results.

is it worth buying? Final Conclusion

I would say Yes, it’s really worth buying, as a freelancer, you can easily go with 15$ plan & get the Lite plan with 150 searches every month. Once you understand the usage & hacks to get better results from keywordspeopleuse then you can opt-in for a bigger plan.

That’s all for this review, Drop your thoughts in the comments below.

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