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Google Web Stories is a powerful tool for driving unlimited free traffic and generating substantial income. However, creating visually appealing and engaging web stories can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort.

With the advancements of AI and automation in 2023, there is a solution to this problem. Introducing, the innovative tool that revolutionizes the process of creating web stories. With just a few clicks, automates the creation of professional and captivating web stories, saving you valuable time and effort. Say goodbye to manual labor and hello to stunning and profitable web stories, all with the power of AI and automation.

What is Google Web Story and How To Create webstories on automation?

Google Web Stories are visual stories that show the content in mobile screen format, similar to Instagram stories but different in features. Web story works on mobile devices and uses Google AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages.

Google promotes web stories on the Chrome browser home screen, Discover Section where it targets the audience basis on their interests.

To automate webstories see through the step-by-step guide of the tool.

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Some of the Features of :

HQ Image Uploading
99% Uptime
Email Notification Alert
24 X 7 Live Chat
AI Text Translation
Web Story Converter
100% User & SEO Friendly
1-Click Web Story Generator
AI Text Translation
100% AMP Supported
Multi Sites/Stories Scraping
100% User & SEO Friendly
Keyword(s) to Story
Shopify Integration
Editable Stories
Money-back guarantee: 60 Days (Only in Lifetime Deal)

StoryScraper is an amazing solution for those who want to make Web Stories but, feel stuck because they are a poor designer, don’t know how to design stories or maybe because it takes a lot of time investment in making stories.

This amazing tool is 100% cloud-based & it can literally publish web stories on automation in just a few steps.

How to Use storyscraper?

Storyscraper is the only web story automation tool out the in the market that automates everything & makes it super easy to scrape, edit & publish the story on your website.

Sounds interesting right? To use this tool you just need to submit from where you want to scrape the webstory data & the rest of the stuff with be done on automation.

So this tool is made in a way that all you need to do is Just link your WordPress website, then give it the website URL from where you want to scrape or the keyword to automatically scrape the story, once the scraping is done, you will get notification on email also it will be published automatically on the website.

Step By Step Guide To Setup & Scrape The WebStories On Automation?

Automate WebstoryEarnings

Total Time to Setup Webstories 4 minutes

  • Read this first (Important prerequisite)

    This is the step-by-step guide about how you can easily set up storyscaper tool & start scraping on automation. I am using a plan that is available as a lifetime deal from pitchground, Check Final Pricing

    – Make a SubDomain & Install WordPress (Personally Recommended)
    – Install WebStories Plugin by Google in WP(Recommended)
    – Activate your Subscription on Storyscraper
    – Make a New User Author (Recommended), Contributor, or Admin
    – Make Sure To Disable your Cache plugin for a while.
    Follow the steps below for the best results

  • Step 1: Log in to StoryScraper Dashboard

    storyscraper dashboard view saasreviewsorg

    First steps first, login to the dashboard by claim your lifetime deal or paid trial at 99Rs.
    Once you log in you will see a dashboard with all these options. (UI might change later but options will remain the same)

  • Step 2: Click on Link WordPress Option

    connect wordpress in storyscraperio saasreviewsorg

    Just click on the link WordPress & you will get a screen as shown in the next step…

  • Step 3: Ways to Connect your website

    how to connect website in storyscraperio

    You will get a screen like the above, Where you see 2 options
    1. Rest API
    2. XML-PRC
    You can use any of the above but I recommend you to use REST API because that will help you in editing the story & doing any updates later directly in your dashboard.

    Now once you select just enter the details including your website URL, username, Application password, the link for your logo & your AdSense account code.

    For Application Password, Just go to the Users section in WordPress & scroll till the end, there you will see add application password. Just Enter “Storyscraper” & you will see a 9-digit password. use that to log in securely.

    In case you don’t have adsense or skipped it by mistake you can also do that in webstories settings in your WordPress dashboard.

    Entering the logo URL is also optional but I would recommend entering that because it increases your brand value.

    Once the details are filled up click on the Link web & follow the next step

  • Step 4: Now Get back to the main dashboard & Click on New Scraper V4.0

    Just click on New Scraper & you will get a screen like below

  • Step 5: Let’s Start Scrapping 🚀

    How to automate webstory in easiest way. saasreviewsorg

    Follow these steps carefully:

    – First Select Bulk stories if you want to post multiple stories at a time.

    also, you can post a single story if you want to just post 1 story from a specific URL(Single Story tutorial below)

  • Steps to Publish Multiple WebStories at Once.

    How to publish webstory in bulk

    First Click on Bulk stories & enter any website URL from where you want to scrap stories.
    Let’s say I used the website “mykhel. com/webstories” to scrape stories.

    or you can search ” */web-stories/ + <keyword> ” to get results of webstories in your niche.

  • Select the Number of slides to Extract

    Now Just select the number of slides you want to scrape. So I use the default 9 slides because, on the 7th slide, you get google ads where you can earn money in AdSense.
    Selecting more might not help because most websites put only 9-10 slides per story.

  • Using the Right Call to action button

    This is my personal recommendation. So use the URL which has something relevant to that topic.

    It helps in creating relevancy & increase user retention on your website. This will also lead to an increase in visitors to your website’s internal pages & which means more earnings.

  • Remove text from Story

    So these tools scrape the web story from different sources that we provide. In that process, it can scrap someone’s brand name or keywords that we don’t want to use in your story.
    For that purpose, we can remove any text from our stories. This is an optional step & not mandatory

  • Category Selection

    As the name suggests this will help you enter a related category that can simplify posting for you.

  • color settings & Story Designing

    To make your webstory look even more engaging you can use different color variations & add borders, increasing or decreasing transparency.
    This will help users to read the text properly & catch their attention.

  • Which WebStory plugin you are using

    So, this gives you the option to select from different web story plugins. Like right now there are 2 plugins that most people install in their WordPress.
    1. Webstory by Google
    2. Make stories Plugin

    So you can easily select from them.

  • In build translator

    Use a translator to remove plagiarism from the scrapped content & increase chances to rank in other regional countries like France, Germany, etc.

  • Select your website from the list & Export

    Now just select your website from the list of connected sites & then select the export type.
    In the export type you can either publish directly or you can put in a draft & publish later.

  • Finally, Press the Start magic button !!

    Press start magic to start the scrapping process & it will do all the process in the background. You will start seeing the stories & media in your website. It will take 2-3 minutes to export & post directly. It can also depend on the server speed.

How to Export with a single story?

This process is similar to the previous version. All you need to do is select “single story” instead of bulk story.

Single Story scrapper X saasreviewsorg

Just add the complete URL as shown above. Rest all the steps are same. You just need to fill in the blanks. And start the magic.

Pros & Cons of

  • Can automate in just a few clicks.
  • Easy to setup the process.
  • Saves a lot of time & costs if done manually.
  • Works well with WordPress.
  • The support team is amazing & helps in every step possible.
  • The translation is also a good & unique feature.
  • Email notifications after scrapping are cherry on the top.
  • Sometimes image quality gets low.
  • Still have some bugs.
  • UI is not that good. (But their team is really working on it)

My Review after using it for a few weeks.

This is the one & only tool that is solving this problem. Posting bulk stories was never possible earlier & it really saves time, money & effort.

Reasons why you should consider buying it

Maximize your earning potential and get direct traffic from Google Discover with! With its bulk posting feature, you can post multiple web stories in a matter of minutes. By consistently posting web stories on your website, you can tap into the huge earning potential that this amazing tool offers.

No more manual labor or time-consuming efforts to create visually appealing web stories. With just a few hacks and consistent posting, you can effortlessly elevate your website’s traffic and income. So why wait? Start harnessing the power of and experience the magic of automation and limitless earning potential today!

And the best part? With PitchGround’s 60-day money-back guarantee, there’s no risk involved. So why wait? Embrace the magic of automation and start tapping into the limitless earning potential of today! Alternatives

Some of the best alternatives to webstory automation is


Conclusion of Review

In conclusion, is powerful for webstory automation. The solution that offers a wealth of AI enables web story creation & scrapping webstories. Its User Interface makes it easy to use and navigate, while its integration with WordPress & Shopify increases its utility. With its competitive pricing & lifetime deal starting at 49$ only & paid trial at 1$ only making it pocket-friendly, is an excellent choice for SEOs, Bloggers & someone who is into Marketing automation with small or limited teams. Whether you’re looking for one-click automation or keyword to webstory creation. It does it all. is definitely worth considering.

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