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Are you an SEO Person? Probably yes, No matter if you have just started SEO or have been doing it for years you definitely know that Keywords research is one of the major things while starting the SEO for any project or niche site. Today i will share detailed Review.

We all know Keywords research is one of the most crucial activities & we all use different keyword research tools like SEMrush, Ahrefs & many other Free/Paid SEO tools but most of paid tools are super expensive & difficult to afford by SEO freelancers or SEO beginners. 

So today in this article i will share a keyword research & keyword clustering tool that will not only help you make keyword strategy but a lot more than that including keyword clustering, keyword discovery, SERP similarity & more.

So without taking too much time, let’s move forward to Detailed Review, How to guide & my personal experience after using this tool for 2 weeks regularly. Review:

Top Features & USPs of


  • Google Search Auto Complete with a single click
  • Search list option to get instant alerts on new keywords.
  • The data provided is the latest & in real-time.
  • 100s of countries & over 7 languages support
  • Data shown in graphical form looks easy to understand.
  • Downloadable all the results in PNG & CSV 


  • UI can be better & more detailed.

Let’s explore how the dashboard of looks like! Dashboard | SaaSreviews Review | Is it worth buying? | Pricing 8
  1. Keyword Discovery Feature in Keywords
Screenshot 2022 10 21 at 3.38.56 PM Review | Is it worth buying? | Pricing 9
  • Keyword discovery will help you find related keywords by inserting the seed keyword or primary keyword only.
  • Tool will charge 0.2 credits per keyword.
  • You can choose the country accordingly to your niche.

Once you click on Generate, it will generate a list of keywords that will contain details like keyword, monthly volume, competition & searches.

Once the keyword list is ready, you can choose the filters to get the best out of the list.

Keyword Insights filter results Review | Is it worth buying? | Pricing 10

This filter works quite smoothly & you can just filter keywords list on the basis of search volume range, and also on the basis of CPC, Keyword competition.

Start your trial now for only $1

If you want to try out this tool, here’s the link to try it out. You will get 750 credits which you can use for trial.

Keyword Clustering Feature

To get the best out of this tool, i tried this keyword clustering feature & you won’t believe this thing just works amazing.

What is keyword clustering?

In simple words Keyword cluster is group of keywords set in from of groups. These groups are small clusters. Now to improve this cluster you get country specific SERP data.

When you put all the clusters together it will be called Hub articles. The best way to use this whole cluster & grouping strategy to get a overview plan of whole strategy. This can also help you get content internal linking ideas.

Screenshot 2022 10 31 at 2.24.25 PM Review | Is it worth buying? | Pricing 11

About advance settings:

Types of Algorithm on which works

  • Centroids
  • Agglomerative

What is Centroids & how does this works?

In this algorithm the tool picks up the keyword with highest search volume & make a group with keywords that have common urls in top 10. (This can be changed with the drop down, by default it’s 4)

All keywords in the group will have a common URL (the one with the highest search volume), but they won’t necessarily have common URLs with each other. The group will always be named after the keyword with the most volume. This method of clustering generally results in larger clusters but doesn’t eliminate the chance that irrelevant search queries will be clustered together. Recommended if your keyword list is small (<1000) or you need the results quickly.

For Hub creation method it use NLP algorithm and make a group of clusters by looking at the semantic relavance between those clusters. You can also change the settings for this from the drop down. If you select soft then it will apply less relevance and hard will apply maximum relevance. But my favourite is Medium, A sweet spot.

Classifying keyword intent:

Using live, country-specific SERP data and a pre-trained machine learning model of over 2 million keywords, we can accurately detect the search intent at scale. The result will allow you to quickly ascertain whether you need to be creating product pages, long-form articles or whether the intent is fragmented and you can rank twice.

In one line, it’s the Intent of the keyword & this tool is highly optimized & improving daily to get better understanding of the context.

Screenshot 2022 10 31 at 2.48.18 PM

Rank Tracking:

You can not only use this tool to group your keywords but also to track the intent & ranking.

And once you see the keywords that you targeted for particular url is ranking for right keyword or maybe they are ranking on the wrong intent.

Ideas for your content titles.

You can not only use this tool to get rank tracking but for content title ideas also. The main purpose of using this feature is to share the optimised content ideas with writers or you can also use it by yourself to research quickly. This is an outline of the content that will help you get a better content structure & somehow improves content quality.

SERP Similarity

This feature will help you get analyse the SERP & find right competitors quickly. The best part about this tool is that you can check page overlap between 2 keywords in the SERPs and tell is there a need to create a new page.

keyword insights benifits Review | Is it worth buying? | Pricing 12

What’s the Use Case of

Keywordinsights. ai can help you in building the right workflow so that you can

  • Find Keywords
  • Analyse them
  • See if there’s any link opportunity
  • Analyse SERP overlaps
  • Get a content outline to give to writers.
  • And boom, the workflow is done..Now do this on scale.

Final Conclusion:

So i hope you liked review & the final words i would like to add is that it’s made mostly for SEOs who are not beginners. You need to have some good understanding of clusters only then you will be able to utilise it. It can compete with other tools like “keyowrdpeopleuse” and many more related to it.

My personal opinion is you should get a 1$ trial & try to understand on more deeper level. If you feel comfortable in using it then go for the paid plan. You can also use APIs to get more out of this tool.

I hope you like my review of Do comment below & share your feedback.

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