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Tweet Hunter Review

Hey there, welcome back to SaaS Review, today you are going to read all about Tweet Hunter Review, Tweethunter Promo Code, Alternatives & pricing.

Also i added a personal touch about how tweet hunter works & you will get an inside look of the dashboard.

Tweet hunter homepage

So, let’s get started & understand how tweet hunter works & how can can help you grow your twitter audience organically & make your content creation journey super easy and hassle free.

These are the Features That Tweet Hunter Provides.

  • Easy Content Scheduling.
  • Create content by getting inspirations with AI engine personalised on based of your Twitter account.
  • Staff Picks forHigh Performing Content selected by TweetHunter’s staff
  • AI Writer to help you write twitter threads & thread hooks .
  • Your own Twitter CRM to outreach & engage with people.
  • Better Twitter Analytics to know what’s working & what’s not.

Let’s discuss all the above features in depth & also if you want to know how to use these then check complete guide on how to use tweet hunter.

What is Tweet Hunter?

In simple words Tweet Hunter is a tool that help you grow your twitter account quickly & help you get more conversions.

Tweet Hunter home page
Tweet Hunter Review 16

Tweet Hunter was founded by @tomjacquesson & Co-founded by @Tibo around may, 2021. The problem they were solving is to help people write better tweets & there were no dedicated apps that help you grow organically on twitter or guide you to grow audience on twitter organically.

How Tweet Hunter Works?

Tweet Hunter works by giving you a lot of content ideas, AI writer, CRM to engage with your ideal audience & removes all the distractions that you see while engaging on twitter.

Let’s understand some details about tweet hunter:

  • Easy Content Scheduling.
  • Create content by getting inspirations with AI engine personalised on based of your Twitter account.
  • High Performing Content selected by TweetHunter’s staff.(Staff Picks)
  • AI Writer to help you write twitter threads & thread hooks .
  • Your own Twitter CRM to outreach & engage with people.
  • Better Twitter Analytics to know what’s working & what’s not.
Tweet Hunter dashboard
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Better Content Scheduling

Now let’s understand about content scheduling,

So when you Signup for tweethunter you will get a dashboard where you can setup the timings according to your choice & post on that time.

There are multiple options & slots creation options & you can post as many tweets you want.

But i would recommend you should only do post 2 tweets in a day, and sometimes 3 but not more than that.(Talking on based of my personal experiences)

Now back to, you will get option to add your preferable slots.The best part is that you can see when your audience is most active & post it according.

So here’s a twitter growth pro tip, Post 15 minutes before your audience is most active.

There’s a option to add evergreen slot to place you extra tweets at a time that works daily. So in simpler words a slot that will be on same times for whole week & other slots you can change by clicking on that tick button accordingly.

image 1

Delete Retweets with single click

Now one of the best tweet hunter feature which i personally like too is that you can delete retweets, i know you won’t believe but it’s true.

You can turn on this option to delete all your retweets on twitter after a specific time.

We all do retweets to get some giveaways & contests. I know you do it & even i have done this many times.

But with tweet hunter you can delete all those retweets with single click.

Delete retweets with single click

Content Ideas that gets you Viral.

You might be wondering How do you make a tweet go viral?

On twitter there’s a term called shitposting, in simple words it’s just relatable content.

So with tweet hunter AI you can create content with ideas made by AI & personalised based on specific twitter account.

So, for example on twitter i mostly talk about SEO, marketing, Sales, SaaS reviews related stuff, So i put relatable keywords & get content ideas with this tool within minutes.

And the best part about this is that according to your keywords it will show all the trending posts from past year(time can be sorted)

Here’s a quick glimpse of tweethunter Daily inspiration page.

On this screen i just entered a keyword “Marketing” & i got related tweets with specific number of likes & retweets, and when you post this from tweethunter’s text editor dashboard it will show the chances of getting viral.

Content ideas by tweet hunter
Tweet Hunter Review 18

Advance Filters in Tweet Hunter

you can use these advance filters to set the standards of your tweet ideas.

image 3
Tweet Hunter Review 19

If you want threads then you can turn that option On or Off accordingly. I would say there’s lot to play with this, try out different keywords, different days of published & different criteria for likes & retweets. The more you explore the more you understand how it works. You can try tweet hunter at a discounted price and also you can claim tweet hunter trial for 7 days.

Staff Picks by Tweet hunter

image 4
Tweet Hunter Review 20

This “staff picks” feature in Tweet Hunter is literally my favourite feature & the reason why i love it so much is because there are high chances of getting viral if you use this properly. Are you ready to explore this legit gold mine of tweets library.

Let’s understand how staff picks on tweet hunter works?

So you can see some keywords showing up there, this tool suggest best keywords to search personalised to your twitter profile.

Once you click on any keyword let’s say “make money online” it will show you the best tweets that are not picked by AI but picked up by humans & have high chances of getting viral on twitter.

Here’s a Pro Tip 🥷

When you completely read this blog you will figure out about how you can go viral on twitter with help of this tool.

But, for now let’s stick to detailed tweet hunter review & how you can use this when you buy tweethunter.

Now, after staff picks there’s option for my collections, where you can store all your favourite tweets. It’s like your very own folder of tweets where you can collect best tweets according to you for inspiration.

Sounds interesting, Right…

There’s still more to discuss about Tweet Hunter review, Now let’s talk about the AI.

AI Tweet Writer by Tweet Hunter

you will get these features in AI section :

  • AI Tweets
  • AI Threads Ideas
  • AI thread Starters

AI Tweets :

With AI tweets option you can get a lot of tweets ideas specifically for you that are written by AI writer & that too in few seconds.

These Ai generated tweets can be used directly as inspiration or as directly. The content that will be generated is completely unique & you don’t get any plagiarism issues.

Their Enterprise plan have AI model generation option that will help you train their Artificial intelligence according to your choice.

How to Train AI Model in Tweet Hunter?

To train AI in Tweet hunter, all you need to do is select multiple tweets & select Custom AI model.

image 5

Now the more tweets you add in this the better results you are going to get from this. I have tried this earlier when i was using enterprise plan. The results are good but not so perfect with the AI.

It’s improving day by day so when you will be reading, there are chances that AI model have been updated & improved by their team.

Tweet Hunter Content Editor:

  • Compose Section

So first comes the compose section where you can type down your thoughts & design it in a better way with that robot button, that is basically AI that will rewrite what you have already written there.

All you need is to train AI with some tweets & once AI got matured with the type of content you publish, it will give you some good tweets to post instantly.

Otherwise the AI is not so good that you can get 100% dependent on that.

Tweet Hunter Editor look

Compose Advance Options

Let’s talk about this step by step

  1. Remove URL Previews
  2. Auto Retweet
  3. Auto Plug
  4. Auto DM
  5. Thread Delay
  6. Also Publish to Linkedin

We all know about URL previews, and if you don’t i will explain it right away.

So whenever you post a link on twitter it will automatically convert that to link preview, and sometimes it’s irritating because that preview doesn’t show the image properly because of dimensions of the image.

So you can easily remove link previews while posting from Tweet hunter.

  • Auto Retweet :

it’s another amazing feature & you might not miss reading this one, so this is completely automation.

Let’s say you scheduled tweets for a week & now you don’t have time to check who’s engaging & all those notifications that come along, so this tool will do all the retweets automatically after specific time & you can also choose the number of times & after how many hours.

  • Auto Plug:

This feature is useful for people who monetise twitter by promoting affiliate products or newsletters on twitter.

So let’s say you got a super valuable resource to share with your audience & you tweeted if you get 50 Likes then you will share the link.

So you can add that link in auto plug & setup 50 Likes, so when that tweet touches 50 likes it will automatically share the link.

here’s how it looks like

tweet hunter auto plug by saasreviewsorg
  • Auto DM:
image 7

You can use this auto DM option if someone retweets, reply or like you post. To use this to next level you can tweet something like comment “DM” to receive a link in DMs & it will automatically send that to particular user.

Although there are certain limits of sending 750 DM every 24 Hour.

Also you can type the particular msg that user will receive, it can be a link or a thank you message.

  • Drafts Section:

Here all your drafted content will be saved & it’s make easy to continue the idea for later.

  • Scheduling Section

We discussed in the starting that you can make your own time slots as per your choice & also have an evergreen time slot, so that’s how all scheduling works. When you click on schedule it will go to the next available slot & will be published automatically even when tweet hunter is closed.

  • Thread Delay:

Another major problem with twitter is when you post a thread sometimes it show the last thread on the top & or in middle of other tweets & reason it does this because there’s no delay between the posts.So tweet hunter got this feature to add a delay between tweets when you are posting threads.

  • Auto Publish To Linkedin

Do you know most people share there tweets on Linkedin & get a good reach there too. So you can do same, you can connect your twitter with you Linkedin account via Taplio.( you can read Taplio Review in some time)

Twitter CRM :

image 6

Have you ever though, what if you could engage with people in particular twitter list?


What if you could engage with people using a particular keyword?

Now you can do all that with tweet hunter, you get your very own twitter CRM where you can create a contact list, engage with people on basis of that contact list.

Also you can engage with people on basis on specific keywords. So for example i want to engage on people relevent to “Marketing” then i can just use that keyword & use advance filters to sort that out.

In Tweet hunter dashboard i will get all the tweets & a box where i can engage easily without any extra disturbances or notifications. In simple words all the twitter clutter got removed, you are now getting relevent people that can somehow get you some revenue & on other hand you get to have some good engagement with this.

Engage with Mentions

I have been using twitter quite actively from year now & only problem i faced as a twitter user is when your tweet gets viral then there are a lot of comments & tweets you need to engage to get most out of that tweet.

But due to the clutter, we don’t engage with it properly. With tweet hunter this is not possible, you can literally engage with your audience easily without any distractions.

Auto Plug

Why you should buy tweet hunter & 3 why not?
For Startups:

If you are a digital agency or a startup who want to generate more organic leads via twitter then you should consider buying this.


For Freelancers: If you are a new freelancer with less than 3 clients then you should try doing this manually with advance search on twitter.
Once you get 5+ clients on a retainer basis then you can go with this tool

Will write a guide soon on how you can get more clients via twitter organically.

For Medium to big agency:

If you are a big agency with a lot of twitter clients then you shouldn’t miss getting tweet hunter in any way. You can claim this special discount coupon for agency that save you some more money.

Time for most asked questions about tweet hunter.

How do you make a tweet go viral?

One of the most amazing way to make your tweets viral
1. Post regular content & add some humour in that content.
2. Post super relatable content.
3. Engagement – Do engage with your audience & reply to all the past tweets no matter what. you can use tweet hunter for that. And also engage with other people’s content So that visit your profile & engage back.
Pro Tip 🥷 : The sooner you get the engagement the higher chances of tweet getting viral.

How can I schedule tweets for free?

You can schedule tweets for free easily from Tweethunter.
Signup for tweethunter right away

Final words

It’s an amazing tool & get you all the features that you need to grow on twitter. Also use this to manage clients & engage with your existing audience or build one.

The only cons i felt is that AI is not that good but it’s improving time to time. Rest everything is enough to help you get viral on twitter.

I hope you liked this article, if you do please share with someone who is planning to buy tweet hunter but confused.

Tweet Hunter Review | Alternative | Coupon | Step by Step Guide
Tweet Hunter review how to guide

Tweet Hunter works by giving you a lot of content ideas, AI writer, CRM to engage with your ideal audience & removes all the distractions that you see while engaging on twitter.

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